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Do You Have Consistent Branding?

If your business (like most) lacks branding, it’s time to get brand clarity and consistent messaging. We can help you do that!
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Your Business's Brand Book

Every day, we work with companies that need to define their brand and develop an image their customers can trust. Even though consistent branding produces 23% more revenue annually, only one-fourth of businesses have formal branding guidelines such as a brand book that they enforce consistently. If your business (like most) lacks branding, it’s time to get brand clarity and consistent messaging. We can help you do that!

Our Branding Process

  • Using a combination of interviews and written questions via email, our branding specialist will do a deep dive into your mission, your purpose, and how you want your customers to perceive you.
  • Our designer will compile a Style Tile with the fonts, colors, and types of visual imagery you want to use in your marketing efforts.
  • We will help you craft your brand’s tone and personality. How will your company use various social media and marketing platforms? For example, the way you use LinkedIn is different from the way you use Twitter.
  • Our Content Specialist will nail down the details surrounding industry jargon and acronyms your company commonly uses. For example, how should abbreviations and compound words be applied in written content?
Inside the Iceberg Web Design Brand Book

Your Brand Book

Once we have completed our comprehensive branding process, we compile all this information into an attractive digital format with clickable links that you can distribute and use within your company. This is essential so that your employees and partners know how to accurately represent your brand in every email, phone call, and personal interaction they have.

Other Ways to Use Your Brand Book

Your Brand Book can also be modified for use when you want to share your company’s history, values, and vision for the future.  You can even have physical copies of your Brand Book made for:

  • Hiring
  • New Employee Packets
  • Trade Shows
  • Potential Partnerships
  • Marketing Materials
  • Sales Packets

Are Your Ready to Gain Brand Clarity?

Your Brand Book is an investment in your business that will pay off for years to come.
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