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Maertens-Brenny Construction began in the 1980’s setting a high priority around the success of each project, safety on job sites, and the relationships they build with the owners for whom they build for.

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The Challenge

Unorganized Content and Imagery Made for a Bad User Experience

Maertens-Brenny has completed numerous projects in a variety of industries that required a diverse set of skills and knowledge. We wanted to make their background knowledge clear in the design.

The Solution

Create a Clean Cut Site and SEO Boosting Content

The penguins dived into design to produce the finest user experience and a website Maertens-Brenny would be proud of, just like their own projects! The user was able to comprehend the knowledge more easily after categorizing the industries in which they had worked and creating negative space. We also wanted the website to represent Maertens-Brenny as a company, therefore we worked hard to incorporate boldness, strength, knowledge, and compassion into the design.


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